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Real Estate Investing | Holland & Picht Answer the Internet

In this episode, Jason and Thom answer some of the Internet’s best (and worse?) real estate investing questions.

Tune in to hear:

  • The craziest thing Jason has ever walked in on as a Realtor in Tallahassee.
  • How much money you need to start investing in rental properties.
  • Whether or not partnering with other investors to buy rental properties is a good growth strategy or not.
  • Thom’s story of the giant moth that attacked his family this past week.


Episode Timeline:

0:45: Right out of the gate, Jason tells us one of the craziest things he’s ever witnessed as a Realtor.

1:29: We talk about how much money you need to start investing in rentals and how your goals will drive your strategy.

5:46: We talk about partnering with other investors to purchase rental properties and a few different partnership scenarios that you could establish.

7:12: We talk about how many rental properties do you need to make a good living. What is a good living? Are you trying to replace your current income? What do the numbers look like on your rental properties? Are your properties all cash flowing? All of these details will drive the answer.

9:04: We talk about the worst infestation Jason has ever had in a home and how it’s always a good idea to spend the money on a recurring pest control service for your properties. We talk

11:00: We talk about the return on investment that real estate investors should expect from a rental property and how to calculate a cash on cash return.

14:53: We talk about how some of the wealthiest people in the world amass 100’s of properties and wealth with rental properties when the expected ROI is just 10-15%. We talk about equity deals, the benefits of having a second income and old school deals that allowed for the original owner to take back a 2nd mortgage.

20:20: We talk about how some people today are very hesitant to purchase real estate and the possible psychology behind those thoughts.

25:15 We talk about the mindset of young buyers and how many today are more focused on life experiences than the equity building that is often provided by those who invest in real estate.

26:00: We talk about how real estate has recovered in the Leon County area and how investors are becoming much more interested in the location of properties than they have in the past.

26:50: We discuss how cosmetics impact the owner’s ability to sell or not. We also discuss how you, as a buyer, can take advantage of this dynamic to find a good deal.

30:34: We talk about investing in old homes and whether or not it can be a good investment.

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