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Jason Picht & Thom Holland | Nightmare Tenants

In this episode, Thom and Jason break down some of the worst tenant experiences they’ve ever had and the lessons they’ve learned.


Tune in to hear:

  • How mold can be a landlord’s worst fear and why regularly inspections are so important.
  • Jason’s advice when it comes to being a “nice guy” with tenants.
  • How Thom finally caught the raccoon that was terrorizing his house.

Episode Timeline:

0:25: Jason tells us how mold can be the scariest thing to a landlord and how he went about dealing with a major mold issue in one of his previous concrete multi-family properties.

2:00: We talk about concrete homes and how they can sweat if you don’t humidify the interior of the home; which can lead to mold problems in the home if you’re not careful.

4:20: We discuss the importance of regularly property inspections by you or your property manager and how it’s quite literally cheaper than cleaning up a mold problem later in your rental property.

6:10: Thom describes a nightmare tenant who questioned EVERYTHING on the lease and how it’s often best to find tenants that you interact with well.

7:05: Jason tells us about his “being a nice guy” experience with challenging tenants and how it ended up costing him a significant amount of money. We discuss why it’s so important that you have a solid agreement and the importance of sticking to that agreement.

10:00: We talk about how it can be a tough situation to be strict on tenants you’ve had for a long time and the importance of a grace period in your lease agreements.

10:43: Jason describes how his experience with renting to college students at FSU went surprisingly well and how you don’t necessarily need to fear all student renters.

12:09: We dig in to our opinions on the psychology behind why some renters end up being great renters where other renters end up being very challenging.

15:10: We talk about Jason’s dislike for cats and how pets can impact a property if you’re not careful. If you’re a landlord, a pet policy is generally a good idea.

16:06: Lastly, we talk about Thom’s dramatic battle with a local raccoon at his house and how eventually out smarted it. 🙂