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Thom Holland and Jason Picht | Intro to Holland & Picht

If you’re interested in entering the real estate space or even growing your existing portfolio but haven’t had the time to cut through the mountain of noise out there, this podcast is for you. In this very first episode, Thom and Jason introduce themselves, the different expertise they bring to the discussion and what you can expect moving forward.

Tune in to hear:

  • Thom and Jason’s background and the different expertise they bring to the discussion.
  • WHY they are putting forward so much effort to help folks excel in the Real Estate investing space.
  • The types of topics and guests you can expect moving forward.
  • And much more.

Episode Timeline:

1:50: Jason outlines his background in Real Estate, how he took a nontraditional route as an apprentice to enter the space and how he progressed to this point in his career.

2:30: Likewise, Thom discusses his background and experience building out and scaling a service organization in the tech space, how he progressed to this point in his career and why he is so excited so bring that knowledge to the Real Estate space.

4:06: Jason explains why he’s so excited to start a Real Estate podcast and how he thinks we’ll be able to help individuals make better and more informed investing discussions.

6:05: Thom and Jason explain who they think can benefit from listening to this podcast and why they are trying to help these individuals in particular.

9:40: Jason outlines the biggest mistake he sees individuals make when investing in Real Estate; not counting the cost up front. He highlights the recent history of Real Estate investing and how the lack of sound advice caused a great deal of financial turmoil in the not so distant past.

10:09: Thom and Jason discuss the types of guests and topics they are planning to have on the show and what listeners can expect moving forward.

Mentioned in this Episode: